I've Got a Blog, I've Got a Blog, I've Got a Blog, Hey Hey Hey Hey!

It's taken about twice as long as I thought it would--typical of most big projects, yes?--but My Bit of Earth is back up!

The ins and outs of the reconstruction are best forgotten forever, except to say that--not for the first time--I am so grateful for the day Sweet Husband met his BFF, Donnie.  When my original blog-mover fell through, he swooped in with a super hero cape and got a little over 10 years of posts and pictures moved in just a few days.  (Also, just in case you're thinking of starting a blog, moving off of Typepad is a bit like checking out of "Hotel California".  Just something to consider.)

I also owe another big thanks to Danielle Burkleo, my designer.  She promised 5-7 days, but I think she had everything prettied up in less than 24 hours.  If you need design work done, she's your gal.


It feels like so much has happened in the last few weeks--the Kid had a birthday, the Little Miss has gotten more squishy, we've had drama in the chicken coop--and I want to talk about it all in due course. 

For tonight though, let's start with some sweet Valentine's pictures of the chil'ens, k-doke?


One adorable dress + one cute shirt + two happy kids (one with a full tummy, the other bribed with a playdate) = my two darling Valentine's.