And Now For Some Fried Dough Covered In Sugar

DoughnutsEver since Tartlette submitted her Sufganiyot to "Joyous Jumble" in December, I've had it in the back of my mind that it would be fun to make some doughnuts.  That dear lady must've known that I needed an excuse, because this weekend I saw that she had posted a "Time To Make Doughnuts" challenge.

I thought about making and submitting the Sufganiyot (because I still haven't gotten a chance to try them), but that seemed like cheating somehow.  And--because keeping this stuff around the house doesn't work so well--I wanted something I could take to my carpool buddies (i.e. not messy), so I decided to make these super simple glazed doughnuts.

I used this recipe which uses store bought pizza dough as a base.  I used twenty ounces of dough rather than sixteen, and was glad that I did--it made about fifteen small doughnuts and a handful of doughnut holes.  No biscuit cutters here, so I used a small glass to cut out the outside edge of the doughnuts and just used my fingers to make a hole in the center.  It gave them a homemade look that was a nice touch.  I also skipped the cinnamon and sugar and instead used this recipe to make a glaze.

My only worry is that they might not be as good by tomorrow morning.  Sweet Husband has been taste testing them throughout the day, and said they were definitely better straight out of the frying oil.  I'm thinking maybe if I warm them up a little tomorrow morning they'll get some of their original gooey-ness back?