Wednesday Poll: Dreaming 'Bout My Crazy Life

Whew!  This one's almost a "Thursday Poll", I know, but these past few days have been crazy.  (Well, crazy compared to my normal days.)  And to top it all off I haven't been sleeping very well because I've been having the weirdest dreams.

The other night I dreamed one of my great-uncles--whom I barely even knew--was showing me how to plant baby beets in my grandmother's back yard.

The night after that, I dreamed I went to work with a bath towel on my head.  Our secretary was in her pajamas, and all kinds of important people (including the Democratic candidates for President of the United States) were in my office.  I don't remember any of the conversation, just that I was way stressed out about how I was going to get the towel off my head without anyone noticing.

The same night I also dreamed our security guards were charging people $10 to ride the elevators.  Some of my co-workers and I were running covert-ops--complete with walkie-talkies and camouflage gear--to sneak past them without paying.

The really scary thing is some of this actually makes sense.  For example, I've been looking for baby beets for a recipe I want to make.

So for this week's poll:

Anyone else had any crazy dreams lately?  Did any of it make sense based on events in your life?  Or was it all total nonsense?

Comment and discuss.