Suspicious Vegetable Makes Good (Pasta Sauce)

Just when I had earned some measure of trust with my Sweet Husband on the veggie-cooking front (see here for the Brussels-sprouty-back story) I had to go and try to make peas a few weeks ago.  Never mind that they were oniony and buttery, never mind that I even threw in a handful of Parmesan cheese for good measure--peas they were and that was that. 

Although he was, of course, very nice about trying to choke a few down for my sake, the incident regrettably lost me a bit of my vegetable credibility.  When I grabbed an eggplant at the grocery store last weekend, eyebrows were raised suspiciously.

"What are we doing with that?" he asked.

"Making a pasta sauce."  I replied, trying to sound confident.

His eyebrows raised higher.

Img_5431The eggplant then sat in the fridge--dismissed as a dinner choice for three nights in a row--until last night when I insisted we had to cook it or it would go bad.  Per this recipe, we chopped it, roasted it with garlic and tomatoes, whizzed it all together in the food processor, and mixed it, some pine nuts, and Parmesan in with a pot'o'rigatoni.

The result?  Success!  Something about eggplant makes it the most perfect vector for garlic.  They compliment each other so well, and roasting makes them both a little sweeter.  The cherry tomatoes gave it all some nice color, and the pine nuts were good crunchies.

We're back on the vegetable track again--Yay!