Felt Fortune Cookies and Other Fabric Food

There are several patterns for making felt fortune cookies.  I got ideas from Martha Stewart and from this pattern on CraftSanity, and then tweaked a little.

I cut out four inch circles of felt, and folded them up as shown in the Martha article linked above.  Instead of relying on wire to hold the shape, I just put a little stitch in where the tips of the cookie meet.  (If you use matching thread you can even be pretty sloppy about it.)  I slipped a little fortune in each one, filled them with cherry jelly beans, and packaged them up in red Chinese take-out boxes.  Yay!

Img_5451As I was looking for patterns, I also found these kitty-toy fortune cookies that are stuffed with catnip.  I had more felt than I needed for the girls' cookies, so I decided to make some toys for our friends' cats, as well.

The only think I did differently for the cat toys was to stuff them with catnip instead of jelly beans, and to sew up the edge (so the catnip doesn't fall out, of course).  I used a blanket stitch to make it pretty.  (See futuregirl's excellent tutorial.)

Img_5499I can't pretend these got the felt food bug out of my system, but maybe my hunger will be sated for a little bit.  Then again, maybe not....

(Yes, yes...I made a felt fried egg.  Just don't ask me what I'm going to do with it.)