"Lovely" Chocolate Wrappers

Another Valentines-y idea I've seen a lot in my rabid craft blog consumption is re-wrapping chocolate to personalize the wrapper.  I've had this idea--unwrapping a chocolate bar to write a love letter inside--in my tickler for a year now.  However, I ultimately decided I liked putting messages on the outside better.  (I can't find a link to where I found that picture, but for what it's worth that's where I got this idea.)

Img_5483I bought some dark chocolates from World Market, pulled off the original wrappers, and measured them to get the size.  I set up a template in Word to match that size and filled in the words.  My printer wouldn't cooperate so I just used plain paper, but I think these wrappers would look even nicer on something a little glossy.  Once the wrappers are printed, just cut them apart, and use a little tape to get them to stay on.  (I tried rubber cement first, but it was more trouble than it was worth.)

The really fun part about these is deciding what to say.  If you follow the link above you'll note their messages are just ever-so-slightly suggestive--a very nice Valentine given the right recipient.  I'm planning to put these in my candy dish at work so I went with song titles with the word "love" in them instead.   

They're like little grown-up conversation hearts!