Wednesday Poll: Join My Etsy Insanity

Pendant_3It could be my rabid crafty kick.  It could be that it's nasty outside.  It could be that it's been a slow week.

Whatever the cause, I have spent the past 48 hours freaking obsessed with etsy.

For the uninitiated, etsy is a website where people can buy and sell handmade items.  Everything must largely be the work of the person selling it, and no mass produced items are allowed.  The result is a very artsy, fun, and neat little marketplace.

My very favorite local artist, Rachael Sudlow, has a little shop.  I'm getting some great ideas for felted bead necklaces here and here.  This little heart would be the most perfect thing ever for Valentine's Day.  And I just bought the pendant pictured above from Littleput Books.  (Her little recycled scrabble tiles are so pretty, it took me almost an hour to pick the one I wanted.)

I'm usually so against promoting the accumulation of stuff--'cause don't we all have enough?--but today I'm making an exception.  For this week's poll:

Do a search on etsy--you can search by category, location, or even color, but personally I'm a big fan of the "pounce" feature.  Leave a link below to one thing you absolutely love and tell why.

Comment and discuss.