I (Literally) *Heart* Shrinky Dinks

251750737m_2Remember that anatomical heart necklace I was waxing all "I want this" about a few days ago?  Well, after studying the pictures (and engaging Sweet Husband the Jeweler in studying the pictures) I determined a close replica of such necklace could be made with a shrinky dink.

251765115m_3I happened to have some ink-jet printable shrinky dink material around the house (from a failed experiment a few Christmases ago), so I found an anatomical heart drawing, printed it out, and shrunky-dunk it according to the package directions.  Lo and behold, it worked!  Yay!

Once the heart worked out, I went a little shrinky dink crazy.  Even the dogs got some new jewelry--a nice little family portrait to wear close to their (figurative) hearts.