CUSS (With Stickers!)

I first came across "CUSS (Campaign For an Unshaved Snatch) and Other Rants", authored by Suzanne Reisman, via this post on BlogHer: 

"Picture it: New York City, 2005.

"A young girl leaves her office on a cold, rainy evening in October. She’s already angry and frustrated, as she often is after a day at work. Then what does she see when she sits down on the subway and looks up at the ads that line the sides? An ad for why she needs a Brazilian wax. 'Goddammit!' the young woman seethes. 'It’s bad enough that I have to put up with insane beauty standards that make me feel guilty about not wearing a size 2 while also carting around a 32D rack! Can’t they leave my damn crotch alone?!?!' And that’s when it strikes her: she should create a blog about this: this insane pressure women must deal with to have hot wax pouring into their vulvas so that normal hair growth can be ripped out by the root or to drag sharp razors over sensitive areas to slice off the hairs. This idea that one can’t be feminine or attractive if she looks like, well, an adult woman. That men will reject you and that you are a slovenly, smelly, embarrassment to your sex. That you are a man-hating feminist who will die alone with 27 cats (even though you are allergic to cats) and they’ll eat your face off before anyone traces the smell (since, ya know, you already stink from your gross unshaved cooter so the neighbors are used to it)."

CussYeah.  Isn't she great?  And it just keeps going, from adventures in bra buying, to birth control, to some just good general thinking/questioning.  As someone who generally doesn't rant, I tend to appreciate people who do--and she's pretty darn good at it!

But the icing on the cake is the stickers.  Featuring a super cute pussy and beaver (what else?), Suzanne will send you a few for free if you drop her an email.  I got mine the other day, and have been enjoying passing them along and spreading the word about her blog.  (As a bonus it's kind of fun to watch people pick one up and go, "Oh, how cute....OH, WOW.")

While I can't give a sticker to each of you, dear readers, consider this your official advisory--go read!