Pretty Paper Cut

Img265I've got a file where I stick all of the fun looking ideas that come across my blog reader each day.  For a few weeks now, right there staring at me from the top of the list has been this tutorial on paper cut-outs by the lovely Ms. Skinny la Minx.  (Aside:  Isn't that the most fabulous screen name you've ever heard of?)

So, last night I picked out a little botanical drawing and got to work.  Less than five minutes later I realized the drawing I had chosen was waaay too complicated for a first try.

Tonight I surfed around for some simpler ideas, and found this one on etsy.  Much better! 

Since the paper I was cutting from (the patterned paper) was white on the back, I just inverted the design and printed it there rather than messing with tracing paper as the tutorial suggests.  Then, just a few easy cuts--I didn't even really stick to my lines all that well. 

I'm such a paper geek, I know, but I can't help but think of about a hundred different applications for this.  You could cut out names, different patterns, or even just doodles--it's endless fun!