Hello March! Hello Mud! Hello Outside Fun!

It was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous here today--sunny, seventy, breezy--so this afternoon we took the dogs to the dog park and planted a letterbox I've been hoarding for awhile.  But before I get to the box, I have to share this picture.

Img_5956This lovely pup is a Golden named Ella.  While Sweet Husband and I--and Ella's horrified owners--looked on, Ella did a perfect circle, sniffed once, and joyfully flopped down right in the middle of the gooshiest mud puddle in the park.  Some days I'm very grateful that my dogs are just a little prissy, or, at least, prissier than Ella!

But on to our letterboxing....

Lovely Lawrence #2: Dog Friendly Town

Img_5987This box is planted at "Mutt Run" a dog park near Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas.  (Directions.)  Your dog can be off-leash for this entire walk, and you'll probably meet some new doggie pals.  However, I wouldn't recommend looking for this box after a strong rain unless you have proper mud gear!  (See above picture.)

When you get to the park, you'll see a red gate at the end of the parking area.  Go past the gate, across the small bridge, and continue to follow the path--you should be walking east, generally.  Before long the path will turn to the right.  Continue following the path.  Just a bit further the path will turn again, this time to the left.  There the path basically ends in a large field.  Just as you come out of the trees, you'll see this mound to your right.  The box is underneath a large rock next to the tree that's basically in the center of the mound. 

If you go hunting, leave a comment and let me know how you find it!

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(Letterboxing: P4 F5 X0 / Geocaching: P0 F2)