Gardening Season Begins!

Although you'd never know it from the temperature outside (15!) or the little crust of snow we still have on the ground, tonight I received confirmation that Spring is indeed on it's way, in the form of a phone call from our wonderful community garden master.  Our annual organizing meeting is Monday!

Frankly, I hadn't even thought about it yet--which just shows how cold and nasty it really has been--so tonight I sat down and came up with "the plan" for the year.  Of course, it will it's subject to change.  As much as I thought she was totally cool, if by some miracle my nearest neighbor in the community garden decided not to garden this year...and if by even greater miracle no new person came along and wanted her plot...I think I would try very hard to snatch it up and plant some broccoli and Brussels sprouts and things of that nature.  Heck, if I could add her bit to mine I might even go crazy and try something like corn or the watermelon patch Sweet Husband is always trying to talk me into.

But more realistically speaking, I think I'm going to forgo flowers to a certain extent this spring and grow arugula, carrots, radishes, potatoes, and some chard in my big raised bed at home.  Then as that stuff starts to get sketchy I can pop some milkweed in its place and see if I can't attract some Monarch butterflies this fall. 

I'll grow some Sunflowers again, although maybe this year I'll actually plant red ones rather than just imagining that I did!  And of course some morning glories on our fence, which, based on the way they got busy on their own last fall, I may not even have to re-plant.

In the Burrow garden (a.k.a. my plot in the community garden) I'm going to try eggplant and peas for the first time, but I'm skipping the green beans, soy beans, and any form of pumpkin or squash.  (Ah yes, the pumpkins...I'm still bitter.)  Here's my basic thought:

Garden_08_3It looks like I'm going to have a ton of garlic, but, since it has long shelf life and we're big fans of it, I think that will ultimately be a good thing.  (And at any rate it's already in the ground so no changing that up now!)  I'm not sure exactly how much room I'm going to have in the middle, but (as I've said before) it seemed to me that the people who did better last year planted much more intensively than I did, so this year I think I'm going to try to err on the side of smushed.

*Phew!*  Alright, I have a plan...gardening season can officially begin!