A Weekend Away, But Not From Crochet

I'm just about to head out the door for a birthday weekend away with Nice Mom and Sweet Sister.  Sweet Sister's turning 10, so we're off to the Titanic Museum to see what's to be seen and let her play at being one of her namesakes.  (Kate Winslett's character, Rose Dewitt-Whatever.)

Img_6092All the while, I'll be crocheting my little heart out as sometime last week I realized I was getting awfully close to the March 30th deadline for my blanket for "Tricot du Coeur".  (I'm not a procrastinator, truly, I've just been kind of frozen with indecision as to what exactly I wanted to do.)  I'm making good progress though; I'm about a third of the way done and I've only been seriously working since Tuesday.  The colors are making me crave "Fruit Stripe" gum like nobody's business!

Have a good weekend everyone!