I'm the King of the World!

266426979_7t4kusAs you will recall, Nice Mom, Sweet Sister, and I made a trip to the Titanic Museum in Branson last weekend for Sweet Sister's birthday.  So, here we are standing in front of a blue screen with the deck of the Titanic digitally patched in on the deck of the Titanic. 

All joking aside, however, it wasn't as cheesy as I expected it to be.  I actually enjoyed the way they really focused on the people who were on board through the things they left behind (letters, jewelry, clothing).  It helped me to envision myself in their places, and see them as individuals.  There was also a lot of attention paid to making the overall environment consistent with what the ship might have been like.  For example, in the third class parts of the museum it was hot and loud, in the first class parts it was quiet with classical music, in the part of the museum that focused on the ship's sinking it was dark and cold.  And the reproduction of the staircase was very beautiful!

Maybe not worth a long trip, but certainly worth it if you're in the area and interested in that sort of thing.  More pictures here.