Pepin's Pizza

Img_6164Courtesy of Monsieur Jacques Pepin, we have a new pizza recipe.  I can't decide if I like it better than our grilled pizza or not, but let me tell you, the fact that it even comes close means it's pretty gosh-darned good.

The things that might put this one over the top?  First of all, it's sooo easy.  The crust is just a tortilla shell lightly brushed with olive oil.  As long as you have a tortilla shell, fifteen minutes later you can have pizza.  Second, in comparison to the grilled pizza at least, it's sooo low-calorie.  Even if you use a gigantic, spinach flavored tortilla (as we did here) your crust for the entire pizza tops out at 220 calories.  The grilled pizza dough is roughly 1000, so it's really quite a difference.

I'm wondering if maybe I couldn't get the best of both worlds by grilling the tortilla?