Another Easter, Come and Gone

270198071_xnpqemWe spent the weekend in the home-town, hanging out with family.  Saturday night I had a rockin' egg dyeing party with my girlies and their mommies, then Sunday was Easter dinner.

Nice Mother-in-Law had just gotten back from spending her Spring Break in New Orleans helping with the clean-up, and Nice Father-in-Law is in his busy season with work, so I volunteered to cook.  (I know, so noble of me right?  Volunteering to do something I love to do anyway!) 

270188759_pfjfqmI inadvertently ended up with a Jamie Oliver theme--roast lamb; balsamic tomatoes with leeks and basil; and potatoes stuffed with garlic, bacon, and sage (recipe from "Cook with Jamie").  Of the three, I thought only the tomatoes were spectacular.  The vinegar enhanced their sweetness, and the leeks added just the right amount of bite.  The recipe says, in addition to just being served as a side dish, you can cook them up and puree them into a sauce--can't wait to try this with some of my garden tomatoes this summer!

More pictures of our Easter weekend are here.