"Fruit Stripe" Blanket Has Left the Building

Collage_2Woohoo!  Just got back from mailing my "Fruit Stripe" blanket to the lovely ladies of "Tricot du Coeur".  (Here's an explanation of the entire project; here's where I decided to get involved.)

If you will recall, I procrastinated a bit on this one, but through persistent work--on my carpool, on my lunch break, on vacation, and even during my cousin's wedding shower--I was able to get it done in exactly two weeks.  (My left thumb may never recover!)

Despite the last minute push, I really enjoyed the project.  I made a plain afghan for my college roommate once but, as far as different colors and things go, this was the most complicated crochet project I've ever undertaken.  In fact, I made it the way I did based on my own limitations; I get tripped up counting stitches, so I purposely did my stripes in rows of ten and twenty so I wouldn't have to keep track any higher than that.

And I still don't know exactly how I arrived at the colors I did.  I'm so not a pink kind of girl, but I think it just seemed very Spring-y and Easter-y at the time I picked it out.  I don't know if I would chose the same colors over again, but at the same time I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Last night as I was finishing up the last bits of the border, I kind of started getting a little philosophical....

Are there other things I could have done to help out the kiddos at "Victory Junction"?  Well, sure.  But, sore fingers aside, each stitch of my finished blanket is almost like a little prayer, a tiny affirmation to the (most likely) girl who receives it...you're going to be OK.  And I'm of the school that believes good energy like that is better than almost anything.  Especially when it comes in wrap-around form!

Much thanks to Vivi and Lghtngfan for hosting--way to go ladies!