Little Nesty-Flowery Buttons

Dpp_0001_3While it's fun to do a big project every so often, little one hour bits are usually more my speed.  Or maybe just more in track with my patience level!

And I've been crazy into buttons lately.  You can only wear so many pieces of jewelry on your body, but buttons can be stuck to a jacket, a bag, on a bulletin board, wherever.  (E.g., this one, which is riding around on my bag as we speak.)

So, with this and this as my loose inspiration, this evening I sat down with some left over wool roving (for the blue and white ones), some left over wool yarn (for the yellow one), and some spare beads, and I needle felted these three little jobies.  Add a tiny safety pin, and they'll be ready to go.

I can't decide properly if they're more like birds nest with eggs in them?  Or more like teensy flowers?