Community Garden Workday

This morning was the community garden workday.  With a bit of help from Sweet Husband, I got my plot dug, tilled, composted and ready to go.  Of note....

  • I decided to try some newspaper--overlapped and laid down about 6 or 7 pages thick--as a weed barrier this year.  I didn't have enough paper to cover the entire garden, but I at least covered the areas that I don't want to plant yet.  After wetting the paper, I recovered it with the straw that's been on the garden all winter.
  • The garlic that I planted last fall survived the winter, and is putting out nice green shoots.
  • I planted peas and onions, which were part of the plan; and Brussels sprouts and cabbage, which were not.  The sprouts are called "Bubbles"--I'm such a sucker for a plant with a good name!