Ragged-Out Sock Monkeys

Img_6467Prior to the Tricot Afghan, I was working on a rag quilt for my nice cousin's soon-to-be-born baby.  I actually have three my-age cousins all supposed to have babies on or about April 15 this year, but the little one I decided to put needle to thread for is not a first baby (as with Nice Cousin #1), nor a second baby (as with Nice Cousin #2), but a third baby.  And, as Miss Cornelia Bryant would say, later babies need extra lovin', thus the quilt.

I switched from hand sewing to machine sewing in the middle which resulted in just a tid bit of wonkiness as far as the seams lining up.  (I'm still a little afraid of my sewing machine.)  Overall though, I think it looks OK.


For a tutorial on how to make a rag quilt yourself, see Jen Yu's site  (I skipped the batting in the middle, and the part about sewing the "X's").