Old Dog, Young Dog

272610005_dmxk3m_2There was an article in the Whole Dog Journal this month about how to survive life with an old dog and a young dog.  We've been having some issues lately, so I was very interested.

One of the suggestions was not to feel guilty about doing separate age appropriate activities with each dog.  For example, Moe gets an active game of fetch by himself, Porter gets a nice slow walk by herself.  That way neither dog is being forced to keep up or slow down to accommodate the other. 

So yesterday afternoon, Moe and I went for some fetch (and to take some pictures, of course).  He was actually kind of a different dog without Porter around.  He's so afraid of her taking his toys away (which she likes to do just because she can), it was fun to watch him play without having to look over his shoulder every few seconds.  He just looks happy, doesn't he?

Porter was a little alarmed when we left without her, but she got an extra rub down when we got back (with Moe shut out of the room so she could relax properly). 

All in all, not a bad little tip from the WDJ.