Eat Your Weeds

272610250_weklwsIn this month's issue of Martha, there's an article about edible weeds.  I was one of those kids that was always "cooking" with dandelions and toadstools and whatever else I could get my hands on--although Nice Mom properly instilled a healthy fear of actually eating said meals--so I was excited to learn that you actually can nibble on some of the stuff in your backyard without risking untimely death by poisoning.

In particular, I was interested to learn that the little bulbs I used to dig up and pretend were baby onions are actually a form of wild garlic that grows pretty much everywhere in our area in the Spring.  So, last Wednesday night, I trotted out with my weeding stick, dug up some wild garlic, and chopped it up to top a mushroom and cheese Pepin Pizza.  (Explanatory note:  You only eat the stems of the wild garlic, not the bulb itself.)

272610259_4vnhcsThe result was very nice.  I'm a big lover of regular garlic, but I do realize that it can sometimes come across like, "HI, MY NAME IS GARLIC AND I'M HERE IN YOUR FOOD TODAY!!!"  The wild garlic imparted the same basic flavor, but in a much milder, sweeter way--more like, "Hey, how's it going? I'm Garlic."  Sort of the same relationship that a scallion has to an onion. 

And speaking of scallions, you could easily sub wild garlic for one if you wanted.  It's not the same flavor really, but it's along the same theme.  I think the variance could be interesting.

Although I didn't immediately recognize any of the other weeds listed in the article (except for the dandelions, of course--more on that later) I'll definitely be keeping my eye out to try more edible weeds in the future.  If you're interested, here's Martha's guide to edible weeds, with pictures.