Grocery Shopping, Cute

272610119_h3imamEvery Sunday morning after breakfast, I sit down with a cup of coffee and my computer (where I bookmark recipes I come across that look fun) to make the week's grocery list. 

Usually, I just make my list on any old scrap of paper, but a few weeks ago I found and downloaded this super fun meal planner from future girl.  It has spots for listing meals, ingredients needed, and even a little extra space for notes (such as, where the recipe came from--very good thing to write down for when you need to find it again!).  And the drawings--featuring a TV dinner and an old-school lunch box, among others--are adorably retro.

Last Sunday, I ended up going to the store in my sweats and I hadn't taken a shower, but my list was so cute even the check-out girl complimented it!