Rock Chalk Championship!

Mad, heart-stopping insanity!

And that was just the game.

The paper today said there were 40,000 people downtown last night celebrating, and I, of course, was one.  I didn't really think it could get any more wild and crazy than it was on Saturday, but I was wrong.  And it was the very best kind of wild and crazy--everyone was just happy, happy, happy--even the police officers were good naturedly posing for pictures.

Here are a few bits and pieces from our trip down Massachusetts Street.  I apologize in advance if you get seasick easily; for future National Championships I will try to remember to either dance or take video, not both!  (Here's a little more professional video, although I don't think it's as fun!)

And today, a little welcome home party (of something like 25,000 according to the paper).  It was freezing out, but it was fun!  (Mouse over the pictures and it will tell you what's going on--here's a little more video too.)

Last but not least, before I forget, mucho congrats to Erin, who came in third (after Sweet Husband and I) in the MBE bracket pool.  Sweet Husband will bring your prize--a pretty, pretty pair of earrings--to work tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who played along with me--it was fun!