Wednesday Poll: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

153883543_htxkcsThis winter Moe and I got into a new bad habit.

See, I'm a cold blooded person, so I always want someone to snuggle with when I crawl into bed on chilly winter nights.  Unfortunately, Sweet Husband is just the opposite, so there are nights when he's too warm for a snuggle.  This winter I discovered a solution to our problem in the form of a certain wee terrier.  With Moe cuddled up against my chest I stayed nice and toasty, and Sweet Husband stayed cool as a cucumber--a win/win situation for everyone, including Moe who thought the idea was just swell.

Except now that Spring is coming I don't necessarily need my furry heat pack anymore.  Said heat pack however, now thinks that laying down his fuzzy head anywhere other than next to mine on my pillow is not an option. 

So, for this week's poll:

Where does your dog sleep at night?  How did the arrangement come about?

Comment and discuss.