Jayhawk Victory Parade!

Dsc069381Today was the parade for the basketball team...or, as I guess I should properly say, for the University of Kansas National Champion Jayhawk Basketball Team. 

But before we get to the parade, I have to talk about these cutie banners.  I'm trying to get some practice with my sewing machine, and I wanted to have some sort of flag to wave for the parade, so voila!  I made the little ones for practice (and to give away) and the big one to keep.  I was going for a well-used, battle-worn look, and I think succeeded.

As for the parade, I can't even begin to guess how many people were there, but I think 100,000 would not be a crazy guess.  (Looks like that was a good guess!)  The three or four blocks I could see were absolutely packed and the total parade route was about four times that.  As the players came down the street (in convertibles) the crowd just kind of converged on both sides of them, they were literally getting high fives from everyone on the street.  (Mouse over the pictures for captions.)