Little Things and Old Friends, All Popping Up

Although it still seems too chilly to be mid-April, tonight I was working outside a little and noticed that Spring seems to be thinking about starting.

Dsc06984First, at the Burrow garden I've got a few wee peas popping up.  I was a little worried about them--the radishes, carrots, and other things I planted at the same time started coming up last week, I was afraid the peas might just be rotting--but they were just taking their time.  They kind of look like tiny aliens popping their heads up out of the dirt.

Second, around the house some of the things I've planted in years past are starting to come back.  Although I really haven't put in a whole lot that's survived here, it makes me think about how much fun it would be to live in the same place for 10 years--seeing what comes back, seeing what doesn't, seeing what skips a year or two.

As it is, the mint along our fence is starting to fill in.  It was probably the first thing I planted at this house, and the original cutting came from Nice-In-Laws' plants.  When I took it, I was warned to be careful because mint is very hard to kill.  Here, the morning glories keep it pretty much in check, but it still comes back every year.

Dsc06988Also, the little grape hyacinths I planted the first fall we were here are starting to randomly pop up.  I planted them in what I've come to call the "Spot of Death" (a super clay filled spot in front of our kitchen window) so they always come back in splotches, if at all.  But there were enough to make a teeny bouquet in a shot glass that's been just the right size to carry from room to room with me this evening.  In the same spot, one solitary red "Triumph" tulip (out of the 25 I planted) looks like it's also going to make it's yearly appearance, although it hasn't bloomed yet.

Lastly, my Meyer lemon tree--which was my Christmas present from Sweet Husband the first year we were married, and has spent the past three years looking like it belongs in a Charlie Brown cartoon--has found a spot it loves in our sunny bedroom.  There are probably 30 blossoms forming, making the greatest smell to fall asleep to.  Cross your fingers--maybe this time I'll finally get some lemons!

(Because I just discovered it and it looks like fun, I'm adding this post to this month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens.  Go check it out to see what's blooming right now all around the world!)