Wednesday Poll: Sorta Senseless Safekeeping

Dsc06982I was putting some stuff in my cedar chest the other day when I uncovered a set of dish towels that my grandmother embroidered for me as a wedding present.  At the time I decided they were too pretty to use, so I put them away for safekeeping.  As I pulled them out of the chest though, I thought to myself, "I really should throw some of our old towels away and use these instead." 

But then, as I unfolded each one and laid them out together, I realized I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Although I know my grandmother herself would laugh at my silliness, as I looked at the bright colors of the thread and each perfect little stitch...and pictured myself using them to wipe up spaghetti sauce and grease spots and to wring out spinach...nope, just couldn't do it.  Back into the cedar chest the towels went, for a time when I have a place to display them with no danger of them actually being used.

Thinking about it logically, it's a bit ridiculous.  They're dish towels.  Their whole reason for being is to clean up messes.  I'm keeping them from their purpose in life.  But that doesn't change my mind!

So, for this week's poll:

What's something that you have (or had in the past) that you keep safe by not using it for it's intended purpose?  Why?

Comment and discuss.