Gnocchi With Morels

I made my first trip to the Farmer's Market today.  I was looking for asparagus--which no one had--but I ended up scoring what I thought was a pretty good deal on some Pendleton's morel mushrooms. 

I used them to make some yummy gnocchi with mushrooms and sage--basically a little mushroom, a little gnocchi, a little garlic, a little butter.  (For the full recipe, see "Cook With Jamie".)

ShroomiesI'd never tried a morel before, but I definitely now understand why people are so crazy about them.  The smell that came off the pan when they started to cook was incredible.  It was woody and damp--kind of like opening a bag of potting soil.  And the texture once they were cooked was not at all chewy like some mushrooms--it was lighter than the gnocchi itself, but still substantial. 

I have a feeling this could become one of my new Spring favorites!