Wednesday Poll: Rant On!

One of the reasons I like the show "Boston Legal" is because they always deal with legal issues that are fairly current.  And--although it's so unrealistic--I love it that Alan Shore (James Spader) gets to say stuff I wish I could say in court, but can't because, well, I like my law license. 

This evening's episode was more current than usual.  It featured Shore arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court in a case where the defendant had been sentenced to death for raping a child in Louisiana.  In case you don't keep up, that exact same case (Kennedy v. Louisiana) was argued in the real U.S. Supreme Court just last week.  And Shore didn't pull any punches.  He called the justices out, went off on all the hypocrisies inherent in our capital punishment scheme, and more! (UPDATE:  I found a clip of it!)

It was the same stuff my co-workers and I go off about, but really can't say in front of an actual court.  And even though it was a fake lawyer ranting at fake justices I just about stood up and cheered when he was done.  Although who knows if any of the real justices watch the show, somehow it's almost like my own rants on the subject were delivered (minus all of the unpleasantness that would occur if I were to deliver said rants personally).

So, for this week's poll:

If you could go on an all out rant on someone about an issue you care about without having to deal with any of the repercussions of said rant, who would you go off on and what would you go off about?

Comment and discuss.