Planting and the Weather

Garden_mapI went a little out on a limb with the tomatoes this year.  In the past I've picked at least one or two varieties that worked well the year before, but this year I just tried all new kinds. 

I'm not growing any bell peppers this year--they're so easy to get at the grocery store and I really can't tell the difference.  Instead I picked two hot peppers, which are generally not quite as easy to get ahold of. 

I'm also trying eggplant for the first time.  The nursery that I usually go to actually didn't have any so I just grabbed a few at the hardware store--not the greatest selection, but they had three different kinds at least.

I may get some cucumbers eventually, but the peas are in the spot where the cucs really need to go so that will have to wait.

And...oh, the herbs, lots of herbs.  Notably, a few different kinds of thyme--which we seem to be cooking with a lot more lately--and a "Cuban oregano" which I don't know what I'll do with but looked really cool.  (Pictures as it gets bigger.)