My Cheap Little Hoe

I've been trying to really keep on top of the weeds this year.  I get in and hand pull what I can, but lately I've noticed quite a few baby weeds that are too small to really get a hold of and rip out.  And they really don't need to be pulled up root-and-all, just kind of scratched off at the surface.

I tried using one of the long handled hoes from the community garden shed to accomplish this, but--between the size of the head and the distance between me and what I was aiming for--I kept knocking off parts of plants I wanted to keep.  I quickly decided I needed something I could use closer to the ground, a little hand-held hoe.

I actually have never purchased a hoe before.  However, in a nice coincidence, the week I needed my first hoe was the same week Nice Carol at May Dreams Gardens has been celebrating hers.  From the history of her hoes, to gardening lessons that can be learned from hoes, to her entire (count 'em, 21) hoe collection, Nice Carol had me all inspired to go find myself a pretty little hoe with some character and history and...character and all of that, and take some pretty pictures of it to enter in her Garden Bloggers Hoe Down.

Img_6957My favorite little nursery rarely lets me down for such things, but today they had nothing.  Our local hardware store and another nursery were similarly bereft of hand-held hoes--and I'm not saying they just didn't have a pretty one, I'm saying they didn't have one period.  Finally, at the last hardware store I could think of, I found this one.  Ninety-nine cents...a little ugly and plastic-y...but probably the only hand-held hoe in town...sold!

After having a go with her, I still don't think she's a "Pretty Woman", but she certainly does the trick as far as the teeny weeds go.

If you're so inclined (and want to see some classy hoes in addition to my sweet little cheap one), check out Carol's Garden Bloggers Hoe Down.