This blog began deep in the Winter of 2004 when--as a newly married bride--I decided I wanted to learn how to grow things. After about the first year, I lost my battle with the temptation to include other aspects of my life, so now it's a little bit of everything I do--family, crafty stuff, dogs, plants, cooking, photography, and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy on any given day. Frequently mentioned characters are my Sweet Husband, my toddler son ("the Kid"), and our Welsh Terrier, Moe.

Several years ago, we bought a hundred year old house, which we've jokingly named "The Hacienda del Hosta".  Can you guess what was planted here when we moved in?

It's a work in progress, but it's been so much fun making it our own.  I have to admit, however, that my favorite part about it is...

The Garden

4572681941_1aed6df1b6_bWe have a "nice-sized city garden", which--excepting when the mosquitoes get thick--is about my favorite place in the world to be.  We typically grow the usual suspects--tomatoes, strawberries, garlic--as well as more "experimental" stuff that tickles our fancy.  

At one point I wrote a list of organic gardening tips.  It's here if you're interested, but I think the only real way to learn anything is trial and error and a lot of weeding.  

Here are some sites I've found helpful over the years:

You can find all my gardening posts under the category Gardening, Plants, and Nature-y Kinds of Fun.

Aside from the veggies, another thing that's awesome about our place is...

The Critters

On the fauna side of things, we keep a pretty flock of urban chickens. Their antics are enough to justify the cost of their feed--the eggs we get are just icing on the cake!

For help with the poultry, I love the site Backyard Chickens

All the poultry posts (including some about coop building) are under the category Chickens and Ducks.

And, of course, all that gardening would be worthless, if not for...

The Eating


Of course, with gardening and poultry keeping comes lots of delicious foods.  We enjoy a lot of it "fresh off the truck" so to speak, but we can and dry some food too.  Sweet Husband also dabbles in brewing beer when the mood strikes him, and I have a hankering to become a proficient cheese maker.  Some favorite links? 

For the eating posts, check out Food Blogging.  Also, my very favorite recipes are listed here.

And what life would be complete without...

Crafting and Knitting

I knit, I sew (a very, very little), and I dabble in just about every crafty thing that catches my eye.  One Nice Friend says I have the crafty-person equivalent of ADD, but I prefer to think I'm just playing the field.  Check out the crafty stuff under Crafty Lady.  I'm also frequently about on Ravelry.

Other Important Bits

As with most blogs, this is only part of the story of my life, and it's mostly all the good parts.  In my grown-up life I'm a public defender who works on appeals in death penalty cases.  It's my dream job, but--as you might imagine--it gets heavy some days.  I don't talk about it here more than in passing, because this is my space away from that.  This is my balance.  

If you'd like to contact me, you can leave a comment or email me at mcarverallmond@gmail.com.