Look What I Got in the Mail Today!

Img_7047OK, to avoid y'all forever writing me off as a horrible, shallow person, I must say, I would have participated in Tricot du Coeur (the lovely Vivi's blanket knitting project for Victory Junction) for absolutely nothin'.  That being said, from the first time I heard that one of the prizes being offered up for those who made blankets was an Octophrost and wristlet from futuregirl, I was secretly hoping that maybe, just by some chance....

And what d'ya know, it worked out perfectly! 

Img_7064Little Stanislav (see the story of his creation here, here, and here) arrived safely in the mail today, along with a meticulously crafted little wristlet.  (I didn't take a picture of the lining because the light was all weird, but it's SO perfect.)  Although Stanislav enjoyed spending the afternoon with me in the garden, I think--due to some untoward attention from the Wee Welshman--he's going to take up permanent residence in my office, where I'm certain he'll make plenty of new friends.

Thanks again, Alice!