Chicken Cutlets with Basil and Capers

Img_7096I don't really like chicken.  It's creepy to cook, and often so dry that it's not worth the trouble.  I don't mind it breaded and fried (e.g. chicken parmesan), unfortunately though, that kind of defeats the purpose.

But last week I was flipping through a cookbook from the library--Apples for Jam, by Tessa Kiros--when I found this recipe for chicken cutlets with parsley and capers.  I love capers and roasted tomatoes, so I figured it was worth a try. 

Tonight was it's second go 'round in less than two weeks.

The recipe calls for you to lightly dredge the chicken in flour before cooking it--which puts just a little crust on the outside, without adding a full breading.  Then, just as the chicken is about done cooking, you deglaze the pan (we've been using bourbon, 'cause believe it or not we haven't had any wine in the house) and put on a lid.  The combination of the dredge and the alcohol keeps the chicken all kinds of moist and tasty.  (And I used basil instead of parsley, hence the change in title.)

After discovering this recipe, I checked out Tessa Kiros's other cookbook, Falling Cloudberries.  Both are gorgeous reads--they have little stories and memories tucked throughout, as well as tons of beautiful pictures.  I copied out several recipes from each that I'm excited to try.