Pretty Loungin' Pants

Mosaic7915312_2One of my new favorite blogs is One More Moore by Morgan.  The other day I saw she had made these "wide-legged lounge pants" from Amy Butler's book, "In Stitches", and--since sewing is craft-of-the-month around here--I decided to make some too.

First of all, I love the book.  I checked it out from the library, but I think I'm ultimately going to have to just buy it.  There are about ten projects that I really want to do--the potholders, the bathrobe, at least two or three of the bags--I'd have to renew the book for the next year.

But, to get to the pants, they mostly went together very easily.  I messed up with my addition just a little in making the pattern--I made the front leg pieces about four inches too short--but it was a happy mistake.  I just cut the back legs to the same length, and they ended up being just right.  If they would've been four inches longer I would've had to put feeties in them!

I also had a little trouble making the buttonhole that the drawstring goes through.  My sewing machine has a setting that does it, but it wasn't terribly self-explanatory.  It took me about an hour of practice to finally get comfortable enough with it that I was ready to risk trying it on my mostly completed pants.  Fortunately, it worked!

Minus those two tiny freak-outs, these pants were really, really easy though.  Now that I know how to do the buttonholes, I think I could knock out another pair in an hour.  And they're soooo comfy--the hard part is going to be taking them off every morning!

(Oh, and just in case anyone's curious, the fabric is called Posh "Lace Seaweed" by Moda.)