Fro-Yo for Moe

Img_7189My dogs, they like ice cream.  And while that's OK as an every-so-often thing, it really does have more sugar than is good for them.

But--lucky pups--the other day, I found a dog-friendly recipe for frozen yogurt.  Very simple ingredients--a few cups of plain yogurt, a squirt of honey, a jar of fruity organic baby food (important because it doesn't have any extra sugar or other junk), and a big spoonful of natural peanut butter (again, it doesn't have the sugar, and--as an added bonus--at our grocery store you can grind your own which was more fun than anyone has the right to have at the grocery store).  Once it's all mixed together, you just freeze it in ice cube trays, to be doled out in just the right size bites after a long walk or bout of play.

Porter finds it a little cold and oddly textured for her taste, but Moe is happy to eat her portion.  Indeed, this evening he even earned a little extra, stopping with his nose a perfect three inches away from the last cube when I said "stay" and waiting until I'd snapped this shot and given him an "OK" to snarf it down!