The Mysterious Cornflower

Img_7205When these flowers started opening up in our little box garden at home--from the group of perennials I planted last year--Sweet Husband was curious what they were. 

I wasn't sure.  I knew the lavender was coming back, along with the hibiscus and the sedum.  I knew the black-eyed susans and echinacea had not yet made an appearance.  But I wasn't sure which of the remaining plants these spiky, purple flowers might be.

Through process of elimination and the wonders of Yahoo image search however, my mystery was solved--they are Persian Cornflowers of the "Steenbergii" variety.  And although I don't remember being all that impressed with them last year (I didn't even remember their name, after all), I don't think I'll forget about them again.  They don't smell much, but they're kind of exotic yet home-y at the same time.