Strawberries and Stripes

Mosaic3144193In order to further immerse myself in the apron underworld, earlier this month I signed up for the first Apronista apron swap.  The idea was that it was supposed to be something simple that used ric-rak--I figured I could handle that.

My swapee--um, that would be the person I was to send an apron to--actually makes and sells her own cutie aprons (like this one, which I love!).  The aprons she sells are pretty frilly, but she indicated she likes something a little plainer for herself.  When I saw this super easy idea (from my new favorite blogger, the fabulous Little Momma) I decided it was the way to go.

By complete serendipity, I found this adorable strawberry print dishtowel on the kitchen goodies table at the grocery store.  It even had ric-rak on it--so perfect!  I didn't get as lucky in finding ribbon, but I did find this pretty, stripey fabric.  It gave me fits trying to make it into an apron string--you'd think it would be simple, but it kept bunching up on me.  After a few tries though, I got it together.

I'm putting it all in the mail tomorrow--hope you enjoy it Jan!