And There Was Kissing And It Was Good

Celebration_427x567I understand that there has to be some kind of conflict to keep a plot moving in a television show, but sometimes I don't need angst--sometimes I just want happy.  And tonight, on the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy", there was happy.

Building a guy a house out of candles--how come I never thought of that?  And (for once) he goes to dump the old girlfriend before he and Meredith re-get-together--that boy's learning!  And the whole thing about Meredith and her mother not wanting to kill herself and working through it with the cool shrink lady--all very nice television in my book.

Lexie and George--knew it was going to happen eventually.  George has pretty much slept with everyone, right?  Except Christina, I guess, but that would just be weird.  The thing is I could actually see he and Lexie together.  I didn't like him and Callie, and I equally hated him and Izzie.  But this Lexie thing could work.

Christina and Hahn--I have so been waiting for that to happen.  I like Hahn's character, but the whole way she beats down Christina has been making me crazy.  I just wanted Christina to do something crazy and slap her, or something....but actually this was better.  It was a surgical slap.

And speaking of Hahn, Hahn and Callie--about time!  And Alex and Izzie too, although that was not nearly so cheerful.  When Justin Chambers went off about how he took care of his Mom and therefore he could take care of Rebbecca, I realized just how much they haven't really let him stretch his legs yet.  You could just see the crazy simmering right below the surface--it was well done.

And there was lots of kissing!  A much more satisfying end than last season.  Anything important you guys think I missed?