One, Two, Three, Four...

("...tell me that you love me more.")

Almost four years ago (officially next Thursday, but what's a week between friends) we were busy doing this:


It's hard to believe it's been that long!  But then again, it's not.  The other day someone asked me what it's like to be married.  I probably should have said something about it being hard work and compromise and all of that serious stuff; but the truth is it's comfortable in all the best ways, exciting in all the best ways, and gosh darn it, it's fun!

To celebrate, we decided to go to Cafe Beautiful (the same place we went last year), but this year we invited our best-sushi-eating-friends to join us.  Here are some pictures of our gorgeous meal (I'm a geek I can't help but take pictures of the food) and the rest of our night out:


From top sake in a pretty, pretty pot...a savory, custardy, fishy soup...fruit salad with ginger cake, edamame dumpling, okra, and salmon...a shrimp and veggie salad with wasabi vinaigrette in a cucumber cup...the sashimi course--lobster and super white tuna with a soy sauce and lime dipping sauce...the sushi course--barbecued eel and a yellow-fin tuna roll...(and not pictured is the green tea ice cream we then had for dessert!)....After dinner we decided to go to the "Hookah House" next door where we...played a few games of chess...while sitting on way cool poufy cushions...and smoking rose and jasmine tobacco...and drinking Turkish coffee...Sweet Husband and I...our Nice Sushi Lovin' Friends...a cat that was sleeping in a store window that we passed on the walk home--I think we were almost as blissed out as she was!