Easy-Peasy Green Tea Ice Cream

Img_7596One of the added benefits of being a sushi whore (which I unashamedly am) is the fabulous ice cream flavors that come out for dessert--plum, ginger, and the holy grail of them all--green tea.  Part of the reason it's such a fun treat is that green tea ice cream is nearly impossible to find in stores, and, without an ice cream maker, is impossible for me to make myself.

But a few weekends ago (faithful readers can guess where) I learned the trick to making green tea ice cream at home.  Are you ready for it?

Buy some green tea powder (a.k.a. matcha) and a quart of plain soy vanilla ice cream.  (OK, the soy part is optional.  But it was what was recommended to me, it has about half the calories, and I actually think it tastes better than the milk stuff.)  Dump the ice cream and about a quarter cup of milk into a mixing bowl, and break the ice cream up with a spoon.  Using a stand mixer and the paddle attachment, begin mixing the ice cream and milk together.  Slowly add green tea powder to taste.  (I added about three tablespoons, which made for some strong ice cream.)  When the powder is throughly incorporated and everything tastes good, repack the ice cream in it's original container and put it all back in the freezer to harden up.  A few hours later--voila--green tea ice cream!