On the Occasion of Our 10th Wedding Anniversary


[Photo by Sweet Sister.]

We were eating noodles for a lunch date several months ago, and in gloomy moods, the both of us.  Me, looking down the frightening barrel of the impending legislative session.  Him, trying to desperately bob up and down just well enough not to drown in being the go-to, fix-it man at work.

After dwelling on problem after problem, I tossed out a wan silver lining, "Well, at least we love each other...."

His eyes crinkled wryly, "Loving each other has never been our problem."


We've been married ten years, today.  I don't really do the dishes, pretty much ever.  He will probably never get in the habit of putting his beer bottles in the recycling bin.  We still have that hole in our kitchen ceiling.  And so forth.

But, I have to agree, loving each other has truly never been our problem.  And that's a pretty good one not to have.