Scrap Naps

NapkinsI am way into sewing lately, but it breaks my heart to have tons of (expensive, space hogging) scraps laying around when I'm done.  Last week I found a partial solution to this problem in the book Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing--a pattern for napkins.

Her directions were for full size napkins, but I decided to make mine more like cocktail-size because a) that was the amount of fabric I had, and b) smaller napkins are just more fun.  I cut my fabric into four roughly equal pieces, just a little bigger than I wanted my finished napkins to be.  Then I hemmed the edges (fold under a quarter inch, press, fold under another quarter inch, press again, sew). 

Even with my sloppy sewing, they're at least as well made as a similar purchased set.  And they're so bright and pretty--I could see myself slowly building up a little collection and using them all the time.