Why Sweet Husband's "Dogs to Humans Ratio" Rule is Not So Bad

Dsc07239As you will know if you've been following my tweets, this weekend we were pet sitting for a friend, and thus had an extra pup (Maddie, from former posting) around the house.

Said pup is sweet, immaculately house broken, fairly well trained, and cute as a button.  Further, she's such an eager to please and teachable little thing that I think we could get her accustomed to our "rules of the house" (i.e. dogs aren't allowed on the couch when humans are eating, no ball before eight) in about a day.

Nonetheless, she kind of convinced me that my Sweet Husband's rule about the human to dog ratio in our house (no more dogs than people) is a good one.  Because Maddie is a wonderful dog--infinitely more obedient and tractable than the terrier puppy I would inevitably pick out on one of my, "Honey, are you sure we don't need another?" days--but even so, I had to have help to get out the back door to go grocery shopping, I was constantly tripping over someone in the kitchen, and dinner time required a synchronized effort. 

Conclusion--it was fun to have an extra for the weekend, but all the time?  Nope, two's the limit for me.