Lavender for Luck, Onion Flowers for ?

Img_7742One thing I will never complain about having too much of?  Lavender.  I've often lamented that I can't share smells with you all--words always seem inadequate--but if you've ever smelled lavender growing I probably don't even need to really try to explain.

There's a huge, well-established plant growing in the communal herb plot down at the community garden that I cut a few big handfuls off of, and I also have a plant at home that's puttering along really well.  I foresee several bouquets in my future!

Also in the communal herb plot, my new favorite flower which I think is some kind of allium (i.e. onion).  I took a much better picture of one last year, which is here.  They certainly don't smell as good as the lavender--because they smell like onion--but they're just so mysterious and alien-looking.  A gold star to anyone who can tell me specifically what they are!