Wednesday Poll: Right to Sex?

I had another poll ready to go for today, but then I saw this article and had to switch it up (don't worry, the other one will come back next week).  From Slate:

"Bob's family was horrified at the idea that his relationship with Dorothy might have become sexual. At his age, they wouldn't have thought it possible. But when Bob's son walked in and saw his dad's 82-year-old girlfriend performing oral sex on his 95-year-old father last December, incredulity turned into full-blown panic. . . . Because both Bob and Dorothy suffer from dementia, the son assumed that his father didn't fully understand what was going on. And his sputtering cell phone call reporting the scene he'd happened upon would have been funny, the [assisted-living facility] manager said, if the consequences hadn't been so serious. 'He was going, "She had her mouth on my dad's penis! And it's not even clean!"' Bob's son became determined to keep the two apart and asked the facility's staff to ensure that they were never left alone together."

Go read the rest.

For this week's poll:

Do you think it was right of Bob's son to react the way he did?  Do you think people in nursing homes have the right to have sex?  People with dimentia?  What if this was one of your parents?  What if it was your spouse?  What would you want your family to do if you were Bob or Dorothy?  How would your feelings change if the couple was 22 and 35, and both were mentally incompetent? 

Comment and discuss.