Bag Lady #1: Reusable Sandwich Baggie

Mosaic4782753Last night I got on a sewing kick.  I had made a few large bags from new fabric, and then started playing with some scraps I had lying around.  Before I knew it I was surrounded by bags--one for every day this week, in fact!

But you can never have too many bags, right?

I made this one to carry sandwich bread back and forth to work.  (I pack my bread separately from my fixings, then put it all together at lunch.)  Since the bread is dry, it doesn't really need to be waterproof.  And at the end of the day today I just shook out the crumbs, and it was ready for tomorrow.  A "green" sandwich bag, that happens to be blue!

I'm not very good at writing out how-to's.  Basically I took a long piece of fabric (about 36" x 9"), folded it in half with right sides together, and stitched up the long sides.  I then turned the whole thing right side out, hemmed the short edge, and folded it up like a big envelope.  Lastly, I stitched up the sides and added velcro to the "flap". 

Easy-peasy....and doesn't it make my bread look all happy and cozy?