Bag Lady #2: Little Odds and Ends Bag

Img_7933Today's bag is one I made from a piece of beautiful linen I found at the fabric store last weekend.  At about $16 a yard, the fabric was too expensive to buy a lot of on a whim, so I limited myself to a third of a yard.

To make the bag I folded the fabric in half (bisecting the long side), with the wrong sides facing out.  I stitched up the open sides, and did a small hem along the top.  I turned the bag right side out, and put in two small button holes about two inches from the top of the hem.  Then I flipped the top over again (about an inch) to the inside and stitched it down, leaving an opening for the drawstring to slide through.  Using a safety pin I threaded the top with a pretty cord. 

Using buttonholes (rather than having the drawstrings come out at the sides which is what I did for the bag that will be up tomorrow) made the top not close quite as tightly as I might like, but it's still a nice, little bag for this and that.  I've been carrying a bit of embroidery around in it for the past few days. 

(And I love the linen!  Must buy more linen!)