In Which We Play Sleep Deprivation Torture


After two weeks off of school--one with Manga, one with Auntie, and extra trips sprinkled in on the weekends for good measure--all semblance of regular sleep/nap patterns had left the building, thank you very much.  I was determined that the last day before school started would be normal, but come nap time the Kid was just not having it.

Then, of course, at 4:30 he was exhausted.  I watched as he laid on the couch, his eyes drooping closed.

"Do you want to have dinner and take a bath, bub?"  I asked hopefully.

"No, I just wanna watch Tho-mas," he whined.

And then, I have to confess, this movie clip played in my head.  The one from The Lord of the Rings where the bad wizard asks the good wizard to help him with his evil plan.  And when Good Wizard says, "Hells no!", Bad Wizard dramatically pronounces, "I gave you a chance, but you have chosen the way of pain!"  

Because there was no way I was going to let him go to sleep at 4:30 and then be a wild party man at bedtime.  So sleep deprivation, it was.

"OK, you can finish this one, but you cannot fall asleep," I told him as I went about my housework.

When I walked back through a few minutes later, his eyes were entirely closed.

"Nope, nope, nope!" I clapped loudly, as he squinted at me.  

And the next time, "Hey, bub, up, up, up!  You can't go to sleep yet, remember?"

And the next time, "C'mon, let's sit up, no laying down if you want to finish Thomas."

Until finally the dang-nabbed train show was over, and he would finally consent to come eat some canteloupe and let me rinse the two-inch layer of weekend muck off of him.

We were in bed asleep before 7, though, which has to be pretty close to a family record.